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In 1925

Giuliana's story

Giuliana's story is the story of a woman from the beginning of the century who was born into a patriarchal family from which she never managed to redeem. Giuliana was born in 1925 in Abruzzo, in Ortona.

Distant Abruzzo

"Farther than Abruzzi", Boccaccio had one of his characters say to give a sense of the distant, of the secluded, of the fabulous. And his can certainly be taken as a proverbial expression to describe the condition and history of Abruzzo.

Mario Pomilio, Scrittore

The pride of Abruzzo

Now that you make me think about it, I too wonder what I have kept from Abruzzo and I must say, dear me, everything; that is, the pride of being one that comes back in my throat when I least expect it.

Ennio Flaiano, Giornalista

That breath of the East

Abruzzo is the only southern region, or rather the presouthern, in which the Hellenic component is not felt. Instead, a breath of the East arrived there later, and can be seen in the costumes, carpets, golds, laces. [...] The background of Abruzzo is therefore Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, with reflections of the East.

Guido Piovene, Scrittore