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“one is not born a woman, but becomes one”
Simone de Beauvoir

in 1925

Giuliana's story

Giuliana’s story is that of a woman from the beginning of the century who was born in a patriarchal family from which she has never managed to redeem herself.
Giuliana was born in 1925 in Abruzzo, in Ortona, from the combined marriage between Giustino Ciavolich and Geppina Berardi.

XX century

Due to the condition of the woman at the beginning of the 20th century in Italy, it was always impossible for her to manage her part of the property.

the dowry

At that time

young ladies were a burden for their families, who had to manage their destiny with good marriages for which 'a dowry' was necessary.
Actually, it was an economic burden. In some families, when a daughter was born, it was far from a party.

The Hat

So it happened

that when she was born and the good news was announced to her father Giustino, he immediately left the house to buy a new hat, but when they told him that it was a female child, the hat was brought back to the hatter.

The Inheritance

Giuliana's brother

Giuliana's brother, Giuseppe Ciavolich, was born after 5 years and it was he who, after Giustino’s death, took over the land ownership of the Ciavolichs. He was only 16, but at the time it was used that way.

The Redemption

The Rebirth

Giuliana, who spent a whole life without a ransom, at the age of 95 left her estate in Miglianico (Ch) to her niece Chiara Ciavolich, so that she could somehow redeem her name and history.
She did so on two conditions: the first is that the wine produced in her name was not called Ciavolich but Vicini, in the name of her bond with the only loved one in her life: her beloved grandmother Donna Ernestina Vicini.
The second is that the wine in her name had a purpose: to support all women in their process of emancipation and self-affirmation. Hence the rebirth of Giuliana, the rebirth of a woman: Giuliana Vicini.

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